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December, 2018

My heart aches if I think about the concept of family. One family line and system is completely hidden, the other one is still unknown of its whereabouts. The other two. Well, they are my adoptive parents system and each has their own unique life of struggles, handed down by generations before them. In its core I cannot relate to them, too cold, too distant and very individualistic way of living with each other. It is a complete 180 of how Taiwanese people, at least to my very own experience, are with themselves, between friends, persons and most of all family.

Whereas in Dutch society it is normal to see each other only on formal occasions like birthdays, funerals and the like. In Taiwanese this would be seen as offensive, lack of respect and love. This "simple" and for the outsiders eyes subtle difference shows sometimes my in betweenness, for this I cannot think of a better fitted word - for now.

I think the West has gained a lot, by effective civilization and organizing of power... and of course Colonialism in its true form - trade what actually meant oppressing others by extorting, conquering and slaughter in the colonies and areas where they wanted to take what they thought was theirs to take.

It sickens me. This First World Country syndrom. And I? I am part of both these too opposites. Sometimes they say opposites attract right. In this case I don't want them to be right. I am undecided, still.

Sincerely yours truly,


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