A friend of mine pointed out that there is also a list published by the Dutch government, IND, immigration services. Where people can keep their pasport.

Follow the link to see more:

What I found out is this:


Bij verkrijging van de Nederlandse nationaliteit verliest u de Taiwanese nationaliteit niet automatisch. Van u wordt niet verlangd dat u afstand doet van deze nationaliteit.
So this does mean that I still have a Taiwanese nationality? Although this is not shown directly on my Dutch passport?
What I find particulary strange, cause why did my parents choose for me to lose my nationality. Or does this process differ when adopting a baby? In a way, the starting point for me this process was a phone call two years ago to the Taiwanese embassy. They told me I need to write my own proposal to regain the Taiwanese pasport in mandarin, and I need to undergo 1 year of military training, because I was born before 1994, since then is has been only 3 to 4 months, in order to retrieve this.

I feel very uneasy about the fact my parents never told me this, or spoke to me about this. Maybe they did not know as well?

In the following link there is written about that the Dutch passport give access to 171 countries around the world. This list is based on the most recent Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index from 2015.

I know that the Taiwanese passport is the 25th powerful passport of the world. So in this sense I can only rank up or level up by attaining one of these: 173 countries; Germany, United Kingdom or 172 countries; Finland, Sweden, USA.

Via https://ind.nl/en/dutch-citizenship/Pages/by-birth-or-acknowledgement.aspx
I found this paragraph.

A minor child gains Dutch citizenship by adoption abroad if the following conditions are met:
One of the parents is a Dutch citizen.
The adoption has been realised in accordance with the Hague Adoption Convention or Book 10 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW).
The family ties with the original parents are fully broken.
It does not get better...

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